False Rest – Oz

Painting by Diane DeKorte

False Rest


This piece is a combination of some of my favorite images from the Wizard of Oz. I really liked the hourglass shape from the scene where the witch uses it to symbolize the rest of Dorothy’s life, and I also really liked the scene where they fell asleep in the poppy field- so I tried to incorporate that into the piece as well.

Originally the piece started out as my own visual interpretation of my favorite elements in the Wizard of Oz. I was drawn to the idea that the characters were almost stopped or trapped in the poppy field on their way to their final destination. I also feel that this art piece relates to my own life and how at times I have become stuck in a “false” state of “rest” and can feel like life is slipping away or passing by too quickly.

Diane DeKorte

Diane DeKorte

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I am a mixed media artist specializing in acrylic and watercolor painting, collage and art journaling. I gain most of my inspiration from the shapes, colors and patterns in nature.

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