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Mind Tempest offers the following to all interested creatives:

  • Inspiration – we have regular scheduled Tempests* and a great community of artists in most mediums to connect up with.
  • Deadlines – are the best inspiration. Whether you believe that or not one of the biggest plagues on creativity is never finishing anything. Each Tempest comes with its own deadline and being featured is a big deal, so get something submitted already.
  • Encouragement – designing in vacuum is hard and it isn’t always helpful to get just anybody’s opinion. Mind Tempest has some of the best eyes around. Use them.
  • Exposure – Each Tempest submission chosen to be featured is lovingly crafted into an online showcase. In addition, featured work will be found on all of Mind Tempest’s social media hangouts (You should follow, like, and plus us). Plus, you have the opportunity to try and sell your work from the feature pages. There will also be opportunities for specials sales and creative products dreamed up by the community that can really push you and get your work out there.

* Whats a Tempest?

I think you have ample reason to sign up and that is without discussion of the badges, hangouts+, and giveaways. So give your portfolio a bump and join us for our next Tempest.

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